Laprint Jaya is Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System

With the vision to be the best label printing company in Indonesia, PT. Laprint Jaya always strive to improve the internal process to achieve customer satisfaction. In order to achieve that, PT. Laprint Jaya commit to implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System. By implementing ISO 9001, the management believe that the continual improvement within organization and customer satisfaction will be fulfilled.

PT. Jaya Pari Steel, Tbk. is certified for SMK3.

PT. Jaya Pari Steel, Tbk (JPRS) is a domestic steel manufacturing company with main product of hot rolled steel plate with thickness range of 8 millimeters – 25 millimeters (mm). JPRS was formally established in 1973 and commence its commercial operation in 1976. Currently, JPRS production capacity has reached 66,000 metric ton plate per year. Currently, many things support Jaya Pari to grow, such as Indonesia economic growth, as measured…