Sarimakmur Tunggal Mandiri is now ISO 9001 Certified

A growing world population and growing wealth in (specially) non western countries will lead to a continued growth in demand for commodities. Sarimakmur thrives to help satisfying the growing demand by helping managing the supply chain to the industry. Sarimakmur has a vision to aims to become a longterm strategic partner of the coffee industry supplying Indonesian arabica and robusta with a strong emphasize on sustainability. In order to achieve the mission and vision, PT. Sarimakmur Tunggal Mandiri Surabaya branch pursue the certification of ISO 9001. With the great commitment of the management and also the involvement of all employees, in July 2014, PT. Sarimakmur Tunggal Mandiri Surabaya branch was recommended for the ISO 9001 certification from Lloyd Registrar.