Sarimakmur Tunggal Mandiri is now ISO 9001:2008 Certified

A growing world population and growing wealth in (specially) non western countries will lead to a continued growth in demand for commodities. Sarimakmur thrives to help satisfying the growing demand by helping managing the supply chain to the industry. Sarimakmur has a vision to aims to become a longterm strategic partner of the coffee industry supplying Indonesian arabica and robusta with a strong emphasize on sustainability. In order to achieve the mission and vision, PT. Sarimakmur Tunggal Mandiri Surabaya branch pursue the certification of ISO 9001:2008. With the great commitment of the management and also the involvement of all employees, in July 2014, PT. Sarimakmur Tunggal Mandiri Surabaya branch was recommended for the ISO 9001:2008 certification from Lloyd Registrar.